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Okay, Not About Us, But About Me


Croswell.Com has been around for decades and I used it to promote my ability to write custom software solutions.  For awhile I called my company “Michael L. Croswell Group” or “MLC Group” for short, but, besides for the rare team projects, it’s probably best if you just look at this as just a place for you to learn about me.  So, no more potentially misleading about “us” page.

I’ve been a technical lead, or primary developer on many interesting projects including Vicon Motion Captures Emulator, Jeppesen Aviation’s Gross Weight Charts, Goddard Space Flight Center’s SPOCSIM,  US Navy’s Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM), the Augmented Reality version (AR IETM), Message Writer and the Communications Link and Interoperability Planning System (CLIPS expert system for Special Forces), Colorado MedTech’s Cochlear Implant Physician’s interface and others.  I’ve worked as a contract on Google Earth and Oculus Dreamcast.   For the past few years I’ve been trying to focusing on video games and there’s more about that on my other site, Colorado Game Coders.